The Basic Story

The Butterfly On Fire is a modern story full of all kinds of characters, themes, and plenty of adventures. The main narrative is set within the physical realms, or “the real world” as we know it. It follows the main character known as ‘Beam’ through the trials of modern-day life, and what it means to grow up in London. (Mainly cocktails, the job centre, and lots of ice cream). The novel also follows the thrilling tale of Queen Fubuki, and her Prince Hikaru. In a world full of magic and mystery, what will they discover about not only the land around them, but also about themselves? More importantly, will Queen Fubuki’s story find its way into the real world? And if so, how will it influence the innocent protagonist known as Beam?



Follow this blog to be kept updated with the story as it released. Also, you can contact the author via our CONTACT page for the main character’s Instagram and Twitter account details.






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