Queen Fubuki

Check out the character profile of Queen Fubuki; the main character in the Soul chapters of The Butterfly On Fire…

“The Queen ruled over what was known as Macha Land, and had done so for many, many years. She was a fair Queen who cared deeply for her people, and her knowledge of the arcane helped her to protect them. When her magical energies were at their peak, she could summon fire and red lightning from nothing, or move tides and winds around her. She could also turn into a Phoenix. In this astral world, things were not bound by the laws of physics – instead, life itself was flexible and malleable. That was why the realm was hers to rule as she saw fit.

She had sleek black hair, with two shorter cuts for her fringe that hugged her oval shaped face. Half of her hair was done up in a bun, and the rest cascaded effortlessly down. The bun was held together by two silver needles, with chains and bells that sang in the night as they draped between the needle tips.

Her people’s favourite outfit was her pure white robe. At her neck it cut into what looked like the lapels of a suit jacket, but folded into itself like a Yukata. The sleeves were long and flowed down from her hands to her knees. The dress continued down in a simple white fountain of fabric. It was held together with a thick red ribbon, which matched the rubies that she wore. The ribbon was simple at the front of the dress, but behind was folded into a wonderful bow. Depending on her mood and the occasion, the Queen would carry either her Golden Staff, or her three swords…”



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