Different realms of existence


The Butterfly On Fire follows three narratives; Mind, Body, and Soul. These are separated into two different realms of existence. The Mind and Body chapters are based in the physical realm of planet Earth. The real world. However, the Soul chapters are not. The Soul chapters are based in a realm beyond the laws of physics…

Macha Land is a fantasy world, where anything is possible. Magic is real, and hundreds of wonderful creatures roam the lands. Mer-people swim in the warm Summer waters in the South, and faeries fly around scattering their dust wherever they go. It consists of three islands. The largest of which is where the Queen resides. It stretches over the surface of the planet from North to South, and is formed as one large mass of land. The Windy Planes are to the West of the island, and a large river runs through the capital. North of the capital is Queen Fubuki’s palace – which is made entirely of crystal.


The other two islands are so small and lifeless that the Queen has declared herself ruler over those as well. The second largest island is South West of the main one and consisted merely of dust and sand. Uninhabitable. The last island was so small, that you would believe yourself capable of sailing around it in no more than a half-day. It is known as the Volcano Island, and is in the Western reaches of the planet.

What adventures will the Queen find herself on in this magical realm? Is there more to Macha Land than the Queen is aware of? Join us and see what is in store for one of the most powerful mages in all the land.


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