Your Inner Goddess

At times like these it’s important to express yourself. It’s important to stay strong, even when everything around you gets too much to handle.

Release your Inner Goddess.

Embrace what it means to be powerful, strong and happy. In The Butterfly on Fire, Queen Fubuki has to be strong for her realm, even when crisis strikes. She is the leader that they look up to. Be a Queen. Be a Goddess. Rise like the Phoenix, and let the fears of your day simply burn away.

City life can be stressful. Train delays, coffee stains and missed deadlines. It’s hard to keep going sometimes. So it’s times like these when you need a burst of power. A burst of confidence. We all do. Well…

You can do anything.
You are amazing.
You are unique – there is literally only one of you.

We are well into 2017, and there is already a lot going on. It can be hard at times, but be proud to be whoever you are, smile and release your Inner Goddess!

The Butterfly on Fire



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