Reader’s thoughts and photos

A huge thank you is in order for all the wonderful reviews and five stars for The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul. Readers are also sharing their pictures of their paperback copies. Grab your copy now and see what all the buzz is about.


Here are just some of the fantastic messages that readers are sending in:

on 20 May 2017
This book is from a new author who has managed to engage the reader from the very first page. The journey of the main character is one of pain, confusion and fear, which leads to a decision, that thankfully for the reader who is now travelling along with the character, doesn’t have the desired outcome, instead, the character becomes stronger,
Throughout this the character draws strength from the subconscious, the desire to become and overcome is central to the survival of the character. It isn’t an easy journey, it will not reach the end without more mountains to climb more dessert places to survive, or more tears, but survival and righting the wrong to “become” is the ultimate goal, it is the end the character deserves which is the way that is right. On finishing this book it leaves the reader wanting to continue to walk to the final outcome with the character hopefully it will not be too long before a second book takes us with the character there.
on 18 May 2017
This is a wonderfully engaging book that switches between different narratives to tell a story that’s deeply important to today’s society. I loved hearing the main character’s thoughts, and while I’m not generally a huge fan of fantasy, those parts were really imaginative and well-constructed. This is such a promising work and should be required reading for anyone looking to understand these issues. I hope the author continues to write in the future.
on 18 May 2017
The Butterfly on Fire is a beautifully crafted tale of three parts, intricately woven together to convey a powerful story of self. A fantastic debut from an author who promises to be a huge success in telling the world a story that needs to be told through the medium of the imagination.

The 2017 UK Storyteller competition is in its first round of judging, so help us win and grab your copy of The Butterfly on Fire now!


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