The Blog on Fire: I’m writing a sequel!

So… it looks like I’m writing a sequel!

I know. Crazy. I can’t believe I’m here.

Until now, I’ve not made a direct post on this website. However, after a revamp I’ve decided to start The Blog on Fire. The main point of my novel The Butterfly on Fire is the theme of a “journey”. For this new blog I want to portray the journey of me completing a sequel. The next edition in the series. The continuation of the LGBT themed, fantasy story that is The Butterfly on Fire.

Lots of my readers and fans asked me “I need to know more! When will I get a sequel?”. For a long time now, all I could say was that my own story hasn’t progressed enough in itself for me to be able to write a sequel. However, eventually I found that I’ve been saying the same thing for such a long time that I could indeed start a sequel with bells on top! If anything, it’s going to be even longer than the first!

I have a fairly solid idea of the direction that I’m going in, but let’s not give away all of the goodies in one blog post… that would be no fun.
Further updates are coming, I promise.

Never in a million years would I ever have thought that one day I would be sitting here writing my second novel. Thank you to all the readers out there who have shown such interest in my work.

E. L. Croucher



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