The Butterfly on Fire: The Novella Is Here!

The Butterfly on Fire welcomes the first novella to the series!

The Butterfly on Fire: Caterpillar to Chrysalis is based on the first book of the main series, and focuses on the contemporary narratives surrounding Eric and Beam. By putting the story into chronological order, this novella skips the fantasy elements from Mind, Body and Soul. This allows the reader to get absorbed into the core story line, and really connect with the London-based LGBTQ+ characters.

It also includes the next chapter from the upcoming sequel: The Butterfly on Fire: Maiden, Mother, Crone – so if you’re looking for a preview into the next instalment of the series, you know where to go!

Check it out here:

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Pride Event: Representing The Butterfly

Hi everyone! E L Croucher here!

I’m writing this post myself for a change, because I’m super-excited to share this with you all. The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul was welcomed to the Square Enix 2018 Pride Event last month. #fangirlmoment <(^0^)/

As the author, I was asked to say a few words about the themes of the book; sign a few copies and answer some questions that people had.
It was truly an honour to be called to something as well-established and popular as Pride and I loved every last minute.

I hope to be talking about the release of my novella version of The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul as well as the sequel Maiden, Mother, Crone at the next Square Enix Pride event in 2019! Who knows, I may have more to reveal by then too. 😉



The Butterfly on Fire: A Novella

We come with exciting news!

The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul will be turned into a novella, which features the key narrative that follows the wonderful Beam.

E L Croucher is working on the second of the series, but has meanwhile announced on her official twitter (@TBOFmbs) that she will release a smaller novella as well. It will come out before the second in the series, and apparently feature just the main LGBT narrative of the first book. Who knows, maybe we’ll see new content in there too!

It’s a perfect platform to the series for those who are less interested in the fantasy elements – and just want all of the LGBT-goodness!

Keep your eyes out for further updates!


One Year Anniversary!

This time last year, Beam’s story first hit the book shelves.

The Butterfly on Fire has been a great success, and we want to thank all of the lovely fans for their constant support!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of the saga, The Butterfly on Fire: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

With more of the lovely Fiona, further depth into the mind of Eric and an entire new character in the same fantastical world of Macha Land; it’s guaranteed to bring you closer to yourself.

Get empowered this year, with E L Croucher’s wonderful LGBT story of self discovery.


The one year anniversary of The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul is coming up in May!
The sequel is coming along nicely as well.

To celebrate, I’m running a promotional campaign to literally “spread the word”!

To anyone that wants to get involved, I will give a free copy of The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul up until the anniversary itself. The only condition is that you promise to pass that copy on to someone else when you’ve finished with it (and ideally get them to do the same).

Check out my official Facebook page for details of how you can get a free copy of The Butterfly on Fire: Mind, Body and Soul and help me #spreadthewrittenword


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Another Free Giveaway!

To celebrate the ongoing success of The Butterfly on Fire so far, we are giving away another free paperback version to a lucky someone!

All you need to do is register your interest here. The winner will be chosen at random, and get a paperback version of The Butterfly on Fire sent directly to them.

It’s that simple!

We will even cover the postage and packaging fees. A free paperback copy of The Butterfly on Fire could be yours within days! The author will also send a personal message to the winner! The winner will be selected in late January 2018.

Terms and conditions apply.

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The Blog on Fire: Prologue done… ish.

Hi everyone! 

Happy Halloween! 

For the wiccan and pagan community, Halloween means a new year and a new start. 
I’m gonna’ try a dry November… hmm. Good luck with that! Haha
Also, I have finished the first draft of my prologue! Woohoo! I’ve been so busy, that that’s about it really. Hopefully work will calm down and I’ll be able to do some more soon! 
Mwah! X

The Blog on Fire: Sunday Night Blues

Am I the only one that gets this?

Sunday Night Blues… it’s when you’re all set for work or school the next day, but you have this overwhelming sense of apathy or even distress. Perhaps it’s from the week to come? Perhaps we’re not over the week that’s been? Either way, it can be really saddening sometimes…


So, it’s 21:49, and I just had dinner. My work bag is packed, my nails are painted and my hair is all washed in preparation for another week. I just can’t get this weird sense of the blues out of my head. Sunday nights always seem to make me feel low and melancholy. I’ve had it since I was younger. How about you? I just get this sense that I’m not ready for the week ahead. Another week. Another month. It all just seems to be rolling into one.

That’s why it’s good to have long term goals, right? Like a holiday, or a project. I always find that working on something like that on a Sunday allows me to look past the Sunday Night Blues and think about the bigger picture. I’ve been making some great progress with my sequel – and am still in that fun planning stage, when I get to make all the cool new characters up. Tomorrow is just another day, yes, but it’s full of possibilities. Anything could happen. That’s one of my favourite sayings. I truly believe in it.

So, here’s to everyone that currently has the Sunday Night Blues. I hope it doesn’t get you down too much, and that you all have something long term to take your mind off of it!

Mwah x

E. L. Croucher